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“Building awareness and responsibility is the essence of good coaching” – Sir John Whitmore

Coaching is the process through which the coach, guides the coachee to a better understanding of their situation, options and capabilities.

Quality coaching is not about advice giving but rather about helping the coachee to have a “conversation with themselves” leading to insight, decisiveness and motivation.

Successful executives benefit from external coaching by having a neutral and objective sounding board. Talking to someone who is not immersed in the politics and details of the organisation but who can point out thinking errors, widen perspective and prompt different thinking is highly valuable and often undertaken on an ongoing basis.

Leaders will often seek external coaching resource for front-line staff to work on tactical short term issues or ongoing development. Whether it is embedding behaviour change from a training session, dealing with a specific performance issue or helping high achievers with career planning, individual coaching helps you maximise the performance of your team.

We provide individual coaching to assist both executives and front line staff take more control of their results, re-align their thinking and set and achieve goals which drive value for the business. These sessions will help the coachee create a well formed goal, put in place manageable steps to action it and hold them accountable for those steps. More importantly we’ll challenge their thinking, uncovering limiting beliefs and thought patterns and guiding them to put in place more resourceful mental strategies.

All coaching sessions are conducted in an environment of client confidentiality and supportive challenge.

Contact us now to set up a coaching intervention for your team or to discuss your own development through coaching.