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We support your business in developing the culture, capability and character to drive success. 

We will help you empower your people to drive the strategic outcomes that create value in your business.

Continuous Growth


 The first step is to specify the strategic and tactical outcomes you are seeking.  I will help you to diagnose where the problems lie and the learning outcomes that will provide best ROI.  Clear problem definition will always result in more powerful solutions.


Your needs are unique and so your development program should be as well.  I will work with you to design a targeted development plan that works for you goals, time commitment and budget.


Program delivery needs to be impactful relevant and memorable..  Practical application drives behaviour change. . I will also work with you to lay out an embedding plan to drive ongoing behaviour change beyond the training or conference.

At your service

Michael Fooks

Michael Fooks


I have spent over 10 years following my passion to support my clients in driving greater success with less effort.  I have worked with organisations of all sizes, from small family owned businesses through to New Zealand’s largest banks, telcos and government agencies. I engage with organsiations at both the senior executive and execution levels, designing and delivering bespoke training and coaching projects.

I am certified in a range of learning tools, and I focus on blending theory with practical application in an environment that is challenging, fun and results focused.

As a trainer myself I am in envy of his skills. He not only commands attention he can hold attention and you know that people are not only learning but will retain the knowledge, He challenges people, he encourages people and it's plainly obvious he loves his work.

Brian Wilson

Company Name : Gen-i
Designation : Sales Coach

 Michael is an outstanding trainer and an expert in his field. His ability to relate key concepts to my team led to significant breakthrough moments for each and every individual in their respective roles. He is an absolutely fantastic individual to work with and I highly recommend him

Paul Bartlett

Company Name : Telecom NZ
Designation : Head of Product Service Design & Development

  Michael Fooks  achieved this and more with my team by grabbing their attention from the start and changing the way we think and present our brands individually and as a sales force. This is the second year of our journey with Kinetic Potential and the fire is still burning hot!  

Terry Fergusson

Company Name : Sky Television
Designation : General Manager, Direct Advertising Sales

Observing Michael in his element leaves a lasting impression, the glowing feedback I received from particpants adding testament to Michaels effectiveness in getting results.

Greg Thom

Company Name : Fletcher Construction
Designation : Training and Development Co-ordinator

Capable, passionate and creative – all words that describe Michael perfectly. He is a consumate professional and has impressed every time I have used him.

James Burroughs

Company Name : Fonterra
Designation : Organisational Development and Engagement Manager

Even today many of the then participants refer back to Michael’s energy and professionalism. He made a mark on everybody’s life by delivering an excellent program with an unparalleled level of positivity and humanity

Chistoph Drefers

Company Name : Pernod Ricard
Designation : General Manager Global Marketing

This piece of work encouraged the leaders in the business, myself included, to look at themselves, and identify how they could personally improve to have more impact, in driving culture and results across their teams. If you are serious about driving better culture and results in your organisation, I highly recommend engaging with Mike.

Phil Presnall

Company Name : Dicker Data
Designation : GM Sales & Marketing

We will work with you to diagnose your precise needs, and design a session that will be memorable, engaging and deliver results.

Call me today on +64 9 213-2816 for an initial discussion