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It’s that time of year again.  The seasons are shifting, the sun is making brief valiant sorties and promising us a summer to come.  Which means it’s time to think bbqs gardens, and in our case getting the pool ready for frolicking children and gently floating adults.

I’m reminded of the  insurmountable task we were faced with a couple of years ago.  We had been frankly quite slack over winter and ignored the pool until summer started to threaten.  By that time it was a vivid bright green, in fact it looked positively thick and radioactive.   I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to get it safe for human contact.  I decided it would be easiest to just drain the pool and start again with fresh water and started investigating hiring a pump.  Only to discover that as our pool is just an in ground para (no concrete) if I were to drain it of water it would collapse in on itself.

This year it has been a much easier road.  But perhaps not for the reason you might think.   We had not been any more attentive over the winter, and the pool was as green as it had been two years ago.  The difference?


I’d learned that the “look” of the pool was a scam.  It was trying to tell me it was a big issue to clean up, but I’d finally learned not to be sucked in by that.  That if I ignored how big a problem it appearedto be and just got on with the process, it’s looking a lovely shade of blue within a single day.  There’s still a little tweaking to get it crystal clear, and that too is just a matter of process leading to an inevitable conclusion.

So what’s all this got to do with what we do here at Kinetic Potential?  Are we expanding into pool maintenance?

As you might have guessed, I find the pool to be a useful metaphor for considering how people work with their issues.

So often we get so focused on the content of our problems – the water in the pool, that it downright hypnotizes us.  And when we focus on that content it seems insurmountable.  We’ve had this problem so long, it has such a big impact on our lives, it’s so ingrained, it feels like it’s “just the way we are” surely there is no way to fix it short of starting all over again, and we can’t do that!

I learned the look of the pool was a hoax.  Throw the right resources (chlorine) in, give it a bit of a vacumn and hey presto, you’re now looking at something in a nice manageable blue.

And so it is with people.  When we don’t get hung up on the size of the content, and just start working our processes, it’s amazing to people how quickly change can come.  How “insurmountable” problems can quickly shrink or vanish.  Problems often look big but that’s a hoax.  A distraction to stop you getting started on that first step.  And first steps can make huge impacts.

So if you find you’re getting stuck in the content of your problem, mesmerized and daunted by the greenness of the pool you’ve been neglecting, get in touch with us.  You may well find by dealing with the structure your problem has in your brain, rather than wading into the content, we can have you feeling sparkling clear sooner than you think.

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