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Our Toolkit

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.
We are trained and certified in a range of methodologies which allows us great flexibility to effect change with our clients at the conscious and unconscious levels. You don’t need to know the different methodologies because we will choose the tool that is most likely to give you the results you want. And if for some reason that doesn’t work, we will choose something else until we find the thing that does! For those who are interested in what’s going on under the hood, here’s a quick overview of just some of the tools we most commonly use.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP? One definition is that it’s the study of human excellence. When you look at excellence you notice there are consistent ways of thinking at work.  What we do is ton teach our clients how to run their brains in the same way employing the same thinking patterns to get different results in their lives. There are many tricky situations we have to face in life. Stress, deadline pressure, conflict, criticsim, public speaking and on and on. How is that some people respond to these situations resourcefully using all of their skills and potential, whereas others can panic and become unresourceful? NLP has a broad range of tools to quickly give you access to better ways for responding so that you can run your life the way you want it to run. Whether you want more confidence, or to overcome a trauma or phobia, achieve a major goal or be more motivated, we can show you how to do that. Quickly and easily. Both Michael and Carleen have certified in NLP at the Practitioner, and Master Practitioner level and have studied with a range of NZ’s top NLP trainers. In addition they have completed their NLP instructors training, certifying them to teach the Keys to Success and Transforming Communications workshops.


If you knew how to make the changes you want to make consciously, you would have already done it by now right? That’s why sometimes it can be useful to get your unconscious mind involved, and hypnotherapy is one way to do that. There is a lot of mythology in popular culture when it comes to hypnosis which can make some people uncomfortable. At heart hypnosis is a partnership between the hypnosis practitioner and the client. The hypno-therapist guides the client into a state of relaxation which allows the client to better access the thoughts and feelings operating at a deeper level. The client is then invited to make  adjustments at that level that will create lasting change. It is a cooperative process that the client is in charge of at all times. Our clients find this to be relaxing, insightful and powerful. Both Michael and Carleen are qualified as clinical Hypno-therapists.

mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

One of the most fascinating fields to emerge out of modern neuro-science is mBraining, or Multiple Brain theory. As neuro scientists have looked deeper into the structure of the brain and what defines it as a different organ, it has become clear that by any definition that makes sense we have brainlike structures in at least three different places. The head, the heart, and the gut. These three brains have different levels of complexity and are responsible for different tasks, specifically creativity, compassion and courage. When all three brains are aligned we can draw upon our highest wisdom and achieve extraordinary lives. However when the brains are out of alignment things may not go so smoothly. Your mBIT coaching session will help to identify where these three adaptive neural networks are supporting each other and where further alignment is required.

Specialised Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

The Shinnick Rapid Depression and Rapid Anxiety Treatments are an exciting advance in treating two of the most troubling modern conditions. By deeply understanding the unconscious structure of both depression and anxiety, these treatments can empower clients to make significant shifts within a single treatment session.  Talk to us about how we can free you from these thinking patterns quickly and easily without the use of drugs.