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“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” – Milton Friedman

We pride ourselves on delivering great results to our clients that add value to their organisation. Below are the thoughts of just a few of our clients on that experience.

Capable, passionate and creative – all words that describe Michael perfectly. He is a consumate professional and has impressed every time I have used him.

James Burroughs

Organisational Development and Engagement Manager, Fonterra

In my role as General Manager – Direct Advertising Sales at SKY TV.. I was looking for an outside trainer who I could bring in to focus and motivate my regional sales teams and create and personalize a roadmap for positive thinking/actions .

This was a vital part of our success planning and had to align with our vision mission / statement and also our “Take to market strategy”.

Michael Fooks  achieved this and more with my team by grabbing their attention from the start and changing the way we think and present our brands individually and as a sales force.

This is the second year of our journey with Kinetic Potential and the fire is still burning hot!

We (team) are looking forward to a continuing story of growth with Michael and are using the teachings on a daily basis with great results.

Bring on 2016!

Terry Fergusson

GM Direct Adsales, Sky Network Television

Micahel worked with me in his role as a facilitator/trainer and delivered Presentation Skills workshops to senior salespeople.

As a trainer myself I am in envy of his skills. He not only commands attention he can hold attention and you know that people are not only learning but will retain the knowledge, He challenges people, he encourages people and it’s plainly obvious he loves his work. He is also recognized in the industry as a person who understands business and is in demand for many varied projects. I’d love to work with him again and am honored to call him a friend

Brian Wilson

Sales Coach, Gen-i

In terms of working with Michael to coordinate programs at Fletchers, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and approachable service. Observing Michael in his element leaves a lasting impression, the glowing feedback I received from particpants adding testament to Michaels effectiveness in getting results.

Greg Thom

Training and Development Co-ordinator, Fletcher Construction

I had the pleasure to experience Michael in a number of training sessions with the Marketing Team I was leading at the time. His enthusiasm was incredible – helping a team of 25 to lift and get energized. Even today many of the  participants refer back to Michael’s energy and professionalism. He made a mark on everybody’s life by delivering an excellent program with an unparalleled level of positivity and humanity

Chistoph Drefers

General Manager Global Marketing, Pernod Ricard

Initially I brought Mike in to do some work with the management team as we had a number of new managers in the business.

The initial scope of work developed into a focus around Mission, Vision, and Values.
This has turned out to be critical in the way Dicker Data has operated since, as it has driven our culture, our external relationships, and our financial results in a positive direction.
We did a piece of work around communication styles that was very useful in raising the awareness within the team of the importance of understanding the different communication styles, and the impact they can have on a positive workplace. This has certainly helped us get more out of meetings and also ensures those with less dominant communication styles are also listened to as they often have important feedback.

We have found this awareness of communication styles also helps when dealing with customers and suppliers.
The key learning was around driving clarity of vision across the organisation, this gave every person in the business no matter what their role, clarity on how their role contributed to the bigger picture of success of the organisation. Everyone likes to be part of something bigger.
We also developed a revised set of values, everyone in the business contributed to these.
We also developed a peer recognition awards ceremony on a monthly basis around demonstrating the values of the business.
This piece of work encouraged the leaders in the business, myself included, to look at themselves, and identify how they could personally improve to have more impact, in driving culture and results across their teams.
If you are serious about driving better culture and results in your organisation, I highly recommend engaging with Mike.

Phil Presnall

GM Sales & Marketing, Dicker Data

I first worked with Michael at Telecom whilst I was Head Of Product Service Design & Development. The business unit I led consisted of 40 people across Auckland and Christchurch in senior leadership roles responsible for large Telco product to market initiatives. Michael worked with my senior leadership group over 18 months focusing on leadership influencing & negotiation, critical conversations, facilitation and presentation excellence. Michael is an outstanding trainer and an expert in his field. His ability to relate key concepts to my team led to significant breakthrough moments for each and every individual in their respective roles. He is an absolutely fantastic individual to work with and I highly recommend him

Paul Bartlett

Head of Product Service Design & Delivery, Telecom NZ