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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Ghandi

We offer group training sessions to help individuals understand how to better run their brains, and create peaceful relationships. We can give you the instruction manual for your brain and show you how to better connect to the people you work, play and love with. Our training sessions are practical, fun and transformational.

Keys to success

The keys to success workshop is a two-day session introducing you the fundamental principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

All to often we can feel out of control of ourselves and our enviornment.  This course will give you the tools to run your brain the way it was meant to work.

We’ll help you to understand how you can have more control over your thoughts feelings and actions, to get more of the joy you want out of life.


You'll learn how to...

• Use specific  body language to create the feeling of rapport and trust in the first 10 minutes
• Read body language to let you know if someone is agreeing or disagreeing, so you can adjust what you say to get agreement
• How to set more effective goals that become achievable so you and others can live your life on purpose
• Learn why “The Secret” isn’t working for you and set goals the way the most successful people in history have done it
• A Be able to enter a high state of motivation and confidence, or a state of deep relaxation and calm, at will, in any situation
• Create more co-operation with friends, family and clients
• Identify and use the five Keys to Success with the developers of NLP discovered at work in any professional or personal situation
• Be more in control of your life

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Transforming Communications

Whether between parent,child, husband, wife, brother,sister, manager, employee, or friend – the do’s and don’ts of good communication remain the same. Bad communication means small issues become magnified into large problems. Conflicts become heated and it seems like the relationship is beyond repair.

This 4 day course will give you the skills to repair and enhance the relationships that are most important to you. In this practical workshop we will show you how to access the communications skills that define the most successful relationships.

You'll learn how to...

• Set achievable goals for your important relationships
• Manage your emotions and remaining in control through disagreements
• Build rapport to develop trust and connection. And how to quickly get it back when it’s lost!
• Select the communication approach that will work in any given situation
• Act when others are unhappy to help them become more resourceful
• Assert your own needs (in a way that gets the needs met rather than the ways that just get people fighting)
• Resolve conflicts
• Influence others attitudes and values

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