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The biggest threat to any relationship is the breakdown of communication.

Whether parent, child, partner, sibling, boss, employee, friend… the do’s and don’ts of good communication remain the same. When the communication is poor, small issues become magnified into large problems. There’s unnecessary frustration and conflict.  It can seem like the relationship is beyond repair.  And when your most important relationships don’t look and feel how you imagine they should, you can be left feeling a little helpless.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  At the center of any difficult relationship are some fundamental communication errors.  And these are easier to correct than many people imagine.  On this course we will show you how to do that.

Key components include:

  • How to manage emotions, yours and others to work towards sensible solutions
  • How to build rapport to develop trust and connection so that people will listen to you.  And how to get that rapport back when it’s lost!
  • How to quickly assess any situation so you can know the precise approach that will work
  • What to do when others are in distress – but they don’t want to listen to you!
  • How to get others to change their behaviour without the ordering, yelling and sulking
  • How to make conflicts disappear whilst preserving the relationship
  • How to influence others attitudes and values
  • What to do to get treated with more respect from your kids, your partner, your boss


Will your relationship last?

This course will enrich all of your relationships – personal and professional, at home and at work.  Dr John Gottman, Psychology Professor at the University of Washington, has taken the guess work out of predicting relationship longevity.  Gottman can predict with 91% accuracy which couples will last – simply by studying a 5 minute video of the couple interacting.  We can show you the differences between the “masters” and “disasters” of relationships. What works, what are the biggest predictors of failure, and how to avoid them,

Curious?  Hear a bit more…

For your family

People use the skills on this course to enhance their love relationships – with partners, kids and teenagers. It’s about taking the stress out of helping others get what they want and getting more of what you want in a more peaceful way.  This all adds up to more loving and respectful relationships.

Partners tell us they use the skills to rekindle the love and affection they once had, but now are missing.  To re-establish a bedrock of respect and warmth and to undo histories of hurt or neglect.  All to often we hear people tell us that the spark is just not there anymore – as if the love has burnt out and died.  Petty arguments have become bones of contention and you’ve started to pay more attention to what’s bugging you than what you admire about the other person.  The truth is though, that the love never disappeared, it’s just become crusted over with the stresses of our day to day living.  We can show you how to get it back and put a shine on it.  Relationships that seem on the verge of hopelessness can be not just salvaged, but thrive.

Parents use the tools to keep connection and influence with their kids even through those “difficult years”.  We want our kids to grow up to be independent, self directed adults.  But the transition from dependent toddler to independent adult can be tricky.  It’s important that we can influence our children to make smart choices, and to be able to do that without the lecturing, yelling and eye rolling that features in so many parent-teenager (or tween) conversations.

In today’s world family relationships can be more complicated than ever.  Blended families, dealing with ex partners, navigating the politics of in-law relationships and even the tension that can exist between adult siblings.  This course will help you to know how to raise sensitive issues and get to workable agreements everyone is happy with.


At work

The skills we teach on this course are the communication skills which are vital to any business.  In modern businesses with matrices of responsibility and dotted lines of reporting, we increasingly find ourselves having to influence where hierarchical authority is ambiguous or absent.  Rather than relying on the influence of power we have to rely on the power of our influence.

Leaders need to be able to deal with stressed staff with empathy, be clear on behaviour that is unacceptable, and influence attitudes and values.  Colleagues need to be able to quickly build rapport with stakeholders and develop the ability to be assertive whilst maintaining that rapport.  And everyone needs to be able to effectively resolve conflicts using a win-win method that works.  This course will give you the theory, practice and confidence to just that.

How is the course run?

One of the things you’ll love about the training is that we take the time to explain each concept thoroughly.  You get lot’s of opportunity to practice until it feels comfortable.  We use a combination of stories, discussion, video, exercises, research and humour.  The course is 4 days, with each day building on the understandings of the previous day.  We are running the next training over two weekends, with a free weekend in between for you to catch your breath and get lots of practice in before block two.


See what others say before finding out for yourself.

…has improved the quality of all the relationships in my life.

Michael Fong


Brilliant!  Absolutely loved Michael and Carleen’s approach, always engaging and interesting. It’s a relationship will make me a better me.



You will gain fantastic skills that will allow you to enhance any relationship you have – from children through to work colleagues and clients.  The model used is simple and easy to follow.  Thanks 🙂

Janette McCormick


Invaluable information for relating to others and maintaining healthy connections.

Kelly deRooy


It’s an amazing eye opener to not only be heard and get your message across, but to listen effectively and understand – resolving conflicts quickly and painlessly.



The delivery and learning was fun and interesting.  Good relevance to apply and practice immediately.  It’s a powerful shift!

Phil Smith


Both of you are so informative and easy to understand because you know it so well. I have already pitched it to family and friends and my key phrase to explain is – Life Changing!

Dani Smith


Transformational in teaching new skills that can help me resolve conflict in my family and work relationships.

Vicki Jeffels


AMAZING! You will have a VERY HELPFUL toolbox!  And if you adopt the tools your life will change!

Sandy Chown


We would love to see you there

Places are limited, early bird special and couples discount are now available.  This could be the best investment you make in yourself and your relationships.